At Mushroom Prints, we are dedicated to supplying you with only the best highest quality mushroom spores. We take pride in ensuring each mushroom strain you receive is 100% to your satisfaction. Our spores and mushroom cultures, are made under very strict lab conditions, and are guaranteed 100% viable. Spore prints are also taken in a sterile environment made with quality assured.


At Mushroom Prints we are happy to be among the best places to buy spores online. For over 15 years we continue to provide clean and sterile genetics for all your microscopy needs.

Meanwhile providing many classic strains that have been preserved over the years. We are proud to offer at catalog of over 35+ spore strains.

For tried, tested, and proven genetics to increase colonization times, maximize yields, and produce on a variety of mushroom substrates.

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Note: We do not answer any questions relating to growing Cubensis mushrooms. Our spores are for microscopy purposes. Information on the cultivation of magic mushrooms can be found online. If it is legal in your area.

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