Growing gourmet and edible mushrooms at home is an easy and fun hobby many amateur mycologists enjoy.

Growing mushrooms with the PF-Tek is a great way to get started growing mushrooms. Mushroom spores and cultures can be used to create spore or culture syringes which are injected or inoculated into a sterilized jar containing sterilized medium called a substrate.

Here we will discuss a common mushroom growing substrate you can use to grow mushrooms at home.

Growing mushrooms with the PF-Tek

The PF-Tek was invented in 1991 by internet handle Psylocybe Fanaticus. It was used mainly as a substrate to grow Magic mushrooms (Psilocybe cubensis) but can be adapted to grow many other kinds of edible mushrooms as well. This technique is most preferred by beginners as success rates and supplies are easily obtained. First step is inoculation, This involves taking a spore syringe, and injecting your jars with 2-3 cc’s of spore solution in each jar, using sterile technique. Once inoculated and placed into a warm environment (temperature will vary depending on the kind of mushroom) the spores will germinate and the jars will slowly grow with a strand like white growth known as mycelium. When fully grown (usually about 1-2 weeks) the jars should look like this:

Growing mushrooms with the PF-Tek


Once your Pf-tek jars are fully colonized.

At this point the jars can be placed into a fruiting chamber. This involves a clear plastic bin with a clear lid, with a half inch of wet perlite to keep humidity high.  The mushrooms will need 8-12 hours of light per day. 15- 30 watt fluorescent lights are recommended, but a standard light bulb about a meter or 2 away will suffice.

The fruiting chamber will also daily need to be opened to be misted with a spray bottle and fanned to release Co2 buildup which can inhibit mushroom growth. After 4-6 days mushroom pins should appear, this are the start of your mushrooms to be. In the following days fully grown mushrooms will appear.

There are many more ways to grow mushrooms. Using sterilized grains such as rye grain or wild bird seed as the substrate. Spawning that grain to a bulk substrate will increase yields.Fruiting chamber with pf-tek.

P. Cubensis fruiting with the PF-tek Method:

Fruiting PF- tek Cubeneis

 There are multiple methods for growing mushrooms developed over the years, by some real pioneers in online mycology forums.

The Pf-tek is just the beginning. And a great place for beginners. Definitely A get place to Start.