Shipping mushroom spores worldwide.

Worldwide Shipping of Mushroom Spores By Mushroom Prints


Mushroom Prints now ships worldwide. We ship very discreetly and rarely have any issue.

We ship to Australia, Japan, Iran, Israel, Germany, Norway, New Zealand.

You name it. We ship it.
*Note: Average international delivery times range from 3-8 weeks 

However we do not ship to California, Georgia or Idaho



International Return Policy:

Usually about 90% of orders make it through customs internationally.
Although some do not. If this is the case after 8 weeks has passed, we can reship the order. And it usually arrives safely. Just drop us an email.

If the reshipment of your order does not arrive. We can attempt a third reship. We can send with tracking for an additional $30 cost. If it does not make it through customs once again; we can no longer issue a refund. So be sure to check your countries local laws and order at your own risk.