PF Classic


The PF Classic Strain

The PF Classic strain is a versatile variety that can be grown using various methods, not just the PF tek. It has been found to produce high yields, especially  when grown on bulk substrates. These include substrates like coco coir and vermiculite mixed and Cased straw. Which is a method where a layer of casing material is added on top of the substrate, to retain moisture. Which been particularly effective in producing large yields from the PF Classic strain.

This strain is still a popular choice among growers looking for high yields. Learn more about the casing tek.

The PF-Tek Method: A Step-By-Step Guide

Prepare mushroom cakes in jars using the PF-tek recipe

Follow this process to create the perfect growing medium for your mushrooms.

Then nothing to do but harvest your shrooms.

Building a Mushroom Terrarium

Set up a mushroom terrarium to provide the ideal growing conditions for your mushrooms cakes.

Ensure proper humidity and temperature levels to promote healthy mushroom growth.

Benefits of Using PF Classic Strain

Quick Growth

Grows rapidly, allowing you to harvest mushrooms in a short amount of time.

Ideal for beginners due to its fast growth process.



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